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volumMonster is...

If music is for everyone...and volumMonster is for music...then volumMonster is for YOU!

volumMonster is a new way for Fans and Artists to interact by allowing Fans to redeem, download, and enjoy free content that Artists upload for them. Think of volumMonster as a Fan's virtual backstage pass. Sure, Fans will be able to download free music, but volumMonster doesn't stop there. Fans can also redeem videos, pictures, exclusive content and much, much, more!

Fans can set up their FREE volumMonster account and then have the ability to keep track of their downloads, share codes with family and friends, as well as discuss the music, artists, and downloads they find along the way!

volumMonster is a one-of-a-kind website that has been created by Artists...for Fans! To get started, create your FREE Fan Account and then go to the volumMonster home page and redeem the code: FREE

If you're an Artist and would like to make your content available to volumMonster Fans, Join volumMonster FREE, or email us using the email form on the contact us page.

Listen to music the way it was intended! Become a volumMonster today!
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